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Ella’s Explorers Feed Our Senses is an interactive, entertaining and educational way of developing little ones’ food preferences and enjoyment through the stimulation of their senses.

Linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage, the programme uses sensorial play, games, songs and rhymes to encourage babies and young children to develop a healthy, happy relationship with their food using all of their senses.

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What’s inside Ella’s Explorers pack?

  • An EXCLUSIVE, interactive Tasty Tunes CD, including:
  1. Sing-along songs all about fruit + veg – sung by musical mum Rachel Stevens
  2. Fun interactive games for little hands to enjoy
  3. A narrated story all about Ella’s adventures with food
  • BRAND-NEW practical activities encouraging the use of all 5 senses to explore food
  • A bright, colourful and interactive poster + reward stickers
  • Treats for parents, too… Feed Our Senses information leaflets, including pennies-off vouchers

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