FREE Tasty Tunes with Rachel Stevens

We’ve teamed up with musical mum Rachel Stevens to record 5 Tasty Tunes about fruit + veg to get your little ones munching on their greens!. You can download them for free here. La la la… ! Take a peek at the little print here.


All about Tasty Tunes

We’ve been reeeally busy working with our friends at the University of Reading, exploring how to help mums + dads get their little ones to enjoy eating healthily. The findings are in and our research has shown that if little ones play with their food using all their senses, they are more likely to eat their greens!

To help mums + dads put this into practice at home, we’ve teamed up with musical mum Rachel Stevens to record 5 Tasty Tunes about fruit + veg. Each track (sung to the tune of some of our favourite nursery rhymes) has been specially written to get tiny taste buds excited about munching and crunching on healthy fruit + veg!

All about Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

A talented pop star, actress and (after reaching the finals of the 2008 series of Strictly Come Dancing) dancing queen, Rachel Stevens became a mum too in November 2010, when she gave birth to her daughter Amelie. It was Rachel’s experience of being a mum that encouraged her to team up with Ella’s Kitchen to record Tasty Tunes.

“As a new mum, I’m always looking for exciting ways to encourage my daughter to try new foods, especially greens. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Ella’s Kitchen – to make eating fun for little ones as food for children should be about discovering tasty new flavours and textures. I hope Tasty Tunes helps lots of parents sing about fruit and vegetables as part of their little one’s everyday playtime!” – Rachel Stevens

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