We’ve teamed up with TerraCycle who help us turn our waste pouches into fun eco-products.

We’d love you to save all your used pouches and wrappers and send them – free of charge – to TerraCycle.

And not only our packaging… you can also send TerraCycle any other brand of baby food pouch in the same envelope!

Subject to terms + conditions – click here to read the little print.

Find out more to start collecting!

1. Sign up here and join the Ella’s Kitchen brigade. 2. Collect your Ella’s Kitchen pouches and wrappers. 3. Send Print out a label and send FREE to TerraCycle. 4. For every pouch you send to TerraCycle a donation of 2p will be made to your chosen charity, school or nursery! 5. Upcycled - Ella’s Kitchen waste will then be made into new eco-friendly products.

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