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Little Huddle

what do the little huddle team do?

We lead the way by setting the direction at Ella’s to achieve our mission whilst always living our values.

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say hello to Mark, runs little huddle + the ella's team

I joined Ella’s Kitchen in 2011, drawn to a company whose founding mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. This purpose permeated throughout the business + continues to be a guiding principle today.

I am a passionate advocate of business being used as a force for good + through the leadership at Ella’s, we demonstrate how a business can be both profitable and purposeful.

The values drive our decisions + everybody pushes each other to be the best they can be + challenge each other to simply ‘do the right thing’.

My absolute number one priority is the health, happiness and fulfilment of everyone that works at Ella’s.

a little background please, what do you do day to day at Ella’s Kitchen?

We each head up a different function of the business + come together as one team to collaborate, connect + make the big decisions all whilst having fun!

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"i absolutely love working at Ella’s and everything we stand for because it is made up of such an amazing team who work extremely hard to achieve the things we do; it really is more like a family than a business."


Head of Ella's Kitchen

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a huge hello from the little huddle team

Little Huddle team
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We know that happy, healthy people do the best work so we work reeeally hard to be a tip-top employer focussing on understanding the whole person.

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