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We hope you are doing okay during this challenging time. We are all working really hard to get our scrummy food to you + your little one. Please know that the Ella's team are here to support you + if you’d like to chat, do get in touch
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Our Mission + Values

Our Mission

'Our mission is to improve children's lives through developing healthy relationships with food'

At Ella’s Kitchen, we want to help create healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. For all of our buddies working in the Barns, the mission is something we all think about in every decision we make. We work really hard to create a workplace that inspires everyone with our mission. From healthy breakfasts to weekly lunches, farm trips with local schools or cooking tutorials in our development kitchen, we’re always thinking of fun new ways that our buddies can develop their own healthy relationships with food.

Our Values

Buddy is our values caretaker. He lives and breathes our 5 values, which were the foundations on which Ella’s Kitchen was built. Buddy helps make sure that Ella’s is a brilliant place to work and that our values are more than just ‘great sounding ideas’.

Buddy helps us make the right decisions, supports us to have great relationships with our colleagues or partners, enables us to be creative and innovative, and encourages us to be the best we can be. We have lots of different ways that we recognise and reward our buddies everyday in how they live and breathe the values, and the values are a key part of the recruitment process when we’re looking for newbies to join us in the Barns.

This is what we’re all about:

We’re Childlike


We try to be: Open + honest, carefree, imaginative, trusting, playful, spirited + genuine


We’re Good to Each Other

We try to be: Inclusive, approachable, self aware, friendly, nurturing, diverse, fair + kind


We think differently

We try to: Use our imagination, ask “what if?” + “why not?”, stand out from the crowd, be open minded, confident, challenging, brave, inquisitive, question the status quo, be creative + live outside our comfort zone


We Want to Win!


We try to: Be top of the class, spirited, optimistic, focussed, purposeful, persistent, decisive, strive for the next big thing + ‘Never, Never give up’


 We're Business Minded

We try to be: Sustainable, professional, grounded, responsible, accountable, calculated risk takers, experts, knowledgeable, competent + exceptional


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