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24th July 2016

What makes a good snack?

Ella's Kitchen worked with a clever nutritionist lady called Claire, and Sally, who makes all of their yummy new stuff. They made lots of snacks that are good for our tummies + taste really yummy too! Here's what they had to say…

Claire says:

Snacking is an essential part of a toddler’s diet. They need lots of healthy top ups to keep them going and fuel their rapidly growing bodies.

Sally says:
We wanted to create a range of snacks for little ones that had a high nutritional benefit, with a great balance of savoury + sweet snacks that taste really yummy too.

Why we need yummy snacks...

Why snack?

Toddlers have little tummies that get full very quickly. This means they need lots of topping up with healthy snacks to keep them on the move and fuel their growth.

Savoury Tastes
Lots of our scrummy snacks are savoury tastes with punchy herbs, seeds and spices to help your little explorers experience of whole world of savoury tastes.

Mix it up
Eating the same food all the time is a bit boring. Keep mixing it up and give hungry little tummies lots + lots of different foods so they get plenty of nutrients + learn to love a big variety of exciting tastes.

How much?

Growing toddlers need at least 2 deeelicious healthy snacks a day and around 500ml of their usual milk outside mealtimes.

Snack with the senses
Little ones learn to love food using all their senses - even snacks! Make snack time a sensory feast with lots of fun shapes, colours + textures.

Playing copycats
We know that toddlers love to copy grown ups so we've made our new snacks yummy for kids from 1 to 100! Eating the same foods together at snack time will help your little explorer learn to love food that's good for tums AND tasty too.

Pincer grip
Snacking helps little ones to learn hand-eye coordination and the important chewing skills that they need to enjoy more grown up textures as they get bigger. Our multigrain nibbles are great for perfecting that pincer grip!

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