The good stuff we do


I’m Ella’s mum. It’s really important to all of us here at Ella’s Kitchen that we make our food as good as it can be, but also that we try to be as environmentally + socially responsible as possible. As well as helping little ones grow up big and strong, we want to do our bit to look after the planet they live on and to give something back to kids around the world.

Take a peek at all the good stuff we do and find out more about why we really are good in every sense.


Ella’s mum x

What kids think

We always put kids at the heart of everything we do at Ella’s Kitchen. So we decided to chat to little ones about what is important to them and how we should be good to the planet, good to each other and what foods are good for tiny tummies. Here’s what they said…

The good stuff we do

Find out how we’re good to the environment

Find out how we’re good to the people around us

Find out how we’re good for tiny tummies

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