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when mealtime becomes playtime, a love for food lasts a lifetime

We want to create a world where every little one has the opportunity to grow up happy + healthy. That's why we're encouraging all little ones to play with their food! Because we know that when they play, explore and have fun with food using all their senses, that's when they become more willing to try new foods...and even learn to love them!

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do n't play with your food!

Little ones learn by playing with the world around them, so why should the fun stop when it comes to food? We know that exploring food with all the senses in a happy, calm + fun environment, develops little ones' confidence + curiosity, helping them to reeeally enjoy the experience and become more willing to try new foods, like fruit + veg.

Sensory food play can even help little ones overcome a fear of new foods and stop them from becoming fussy eaters when they're older.


For little ones to learn to love food it needs to be tasty, colourful and fun. So we make sure our scrummy food + recipes tingle all the senses and are just right for tiny tummies - using only the best quality, ethically + sustainably sourced ingredients.


Play is a powerful thing! It's how little people discover + learn about the world around them, and that goes for food too! Experiencing fruit + veggies with all the senses through squishing, popping, smooshing + sniffing, helping to develop their confidence + curiosity to try new foods!


Love is what happens when we let little ones play, explore and have fun with food. Big smiles, excited noises, kicking legs + happy jiggles help develop the confidence + curiosity to try, accept and even learn to love fruit + veggies forever!

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We believe every little one should have the opportunity to grow up happy + healthy, that's why it's time to get serious about playing with food!

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Learn to love good food with sensory play!
With our experts, we've created lots of quick, easy + simple ideas to encourage your little one to experience sensory food play.

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