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When mealtime becomes playtime, a love for food lasts a lifetime


We make food a little people thing! For little ones to learn to love food it needs to be tasty, colourful + fun. Our scrummy food + recipes appeal to all the senses and are just right for tiny tummies, using only the best quality, ethically + sustainably sourced ingredients.


Play is how little people discover the world around them, and that goes for mealtimes too! Experiencing food with all their senses, both in and out of mealtimes, helps little ones become more familiar and willing to try + accept a variety of food...maybe even learning to love them forever!


A love of food is all about big smiles, excited noises, kicking legs + happy jiggles! Love is what happens when we let little people play, explore and have fun with food, when we let them squish, pop, smoosh + sniff! It's an enjoyment of food that lasts forever!

don't play with your food!

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why play with your food

Little ones learn by playing with the world around them, so why should the fun stop at the highchair?

Exploring food in lots of fun + playful ways develops their confidence + curiosity, helping them to reeeally enjoy the experience and become more willing to try new foods! That’s why, with the help of our experts, we’ve created lots of fun + foodie activities, yummy recipes, expert top tips and more, to help you encourage your little one to enjoy mealtimes and the whole fun, tasty deeeliciousness of it all!

Let’s have fun as we explore + play with the bumpy, squishy, crunchy + munchy, taste tingling wonders of food!

Explore sensory play


Help your little one learn to love food with our range of scrummy foods and fun + easy recipes!

Tomato basil melty

tomato + basil melty sticks

A fun + tasty finger food made for playing + learning!

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Avo froggie face small

avocado froggie face

Create a scrummy, hoppy froggy masterpiece!

Let's create
Tropical broccoli jungle

tropical broccoli jungle

Create your very own blooming broccoli jungle

Let's make

raspberry + mango puff pops

A fun mix of two tastes in one bag made for playing + learning

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Cheeky monkey toast

cheeky monkey toast

Go bananas for our scrummy cheeky monkey toast

Ready, set, make!
Campaign Red One Bars

the red one bar

Perfect for on the go, our handy bars are made with just good stuff - yummy!

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Whether you're just starting weaning or encouraging your toddler to join in at the big table, our sensory play activities are fun + exciting for all little people to enjoy!

sea spaghetti

Take a trip under the sea with this super fun + slippery sea spaghetti activity!

Spaghetti time

ready, steady, snifff

Let your baby have a whiff of different deeelicious foodie aromas...mmmm!

Let's sniff

veg painting

Use chopped up fruits + veggies for painting + unleash your mini Picasso!

Let's paint

foodie sounds

Listen to foodie sounds as you cook + enjoy eating your meal together

Ears at the ready!

super shaker activity

Get your little one giggling + grooving with a foodie musical instrument

Time to giggle!

bubbly bubble bottles

A super quick + easy peasy game, perfect for playing with little ones

Let's shake


Follow us on socials + share your little one's journey with us, as together we help them learn to love food forever!

what is the lovefoodforever project?

We're on a Mission to create a world where every little one has the opportunity to fall in love with food, forever. We know the early years are the building blocks where relationships with food, both good + bad, are formed – so it’s super important that we do everything we can to help every little one develop heathy habits from the very first taste.

We believe that play and sensory food education can help give little ones the confidence and curiosity to explore and enjoy a range of foods. That’s why we’re calling on the UK Government to amend the early years curriculum so that sensory food education is promoted in all early year’s settings.

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