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Discover our range of yummy products to help guide you through your little one’s weaning journey and beyond. From veggie First Tastes to Marvellous Meals + Baby Finger Food, there is something for every age and stage of your little one’s taste adventure.

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Discover our ranges of yummy foods perfect for every stage of your weaning journey + beyond.

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Yummy food for every step of your little one's weaning journey + beyond

‘Love Veg’ range

Grow your very own Little Veg Lover with our yummy range of super smooth veggie First tastes + Perfect Puree blends. Just right for the very start of your little one’s weaning adventure.

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Fruit + veggie purees

Explore our super smoooth fruit + veggie Perfect Puree blends, just right for discovering new and exciting taste combinations at mealtimes.

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Finger Foods

Explore our yummy range of organic finger foods! Just the right shapes + textures for little fingers to play + learn from 6 months.

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Mini meals

Take on a variety of exciting tastes + new textures with our range of marvellous Mini Meals from 6 months - just right for helping to ease the journey from thinner purees to mashed textures.

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Marvellous meals

Take on new + exciting textures with our range of Marvellous Meals! Packed full of yummy taste twists for your little one to explore, they’re just the right texture for learning to chew. Explore the range from 7 or 10 months!

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Everyday faves meals

Our Everyday Faves are created to taste like the family favourites you'd make at home with an Ella's taste twist...perfect for exciting tiny taste buds and introducing lots of variety.

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Taste explorers meals

Packed full of exciting flavours to encourage more adventurous eating from 7 months, our Taste Explorers Meals include exciting herbs + spices to tickle taste buds and offer a big variety of tastes at mealtimes

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Toddler meals

Tuck into our tasty Toddler Meals, perfect for introducing chunkier textures and more grown-up foods to toddlers ready for the big table! They're super tasty, packed with a variety of veggies and made with just good stuff.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar™

Yummy organic caterpillar + butterfly shaped snacks, with flavours inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar™. Perfect for little ones to nibble their way through when they are very hungry too!

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Toddler snacks

Discover our tasty organic toddler snacks range, perfect for feeding little tums!

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Smoothie Fruits

Explore our Smoothie Fruits range! Bursting with super exciting squished fruits, they're the perfect addition to a lunchbox or picnic!

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Little Kids snacks

Say hello to NEW tasty snacks for little kids from 3+ years. They're the perfect snacks to enjoy at home or on an adventure. 100% organic, packed full of veg + just good stuff!

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Explore our range of perfect pudding, fruity baby food purees + yummy yoghurts suitable from 6 months

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