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You've mastered the ABC's of weaning but now mealtimes with your toddler feel more like 'kale no' than 'yes, peas!', don't worry - this is completely normal + all part of their development. With the help of our experts, we've put together a tasty guide packed full of top tips to fuel BIG adventures, Kale, yeah!

With the help of our team of experts, we've put together a handy guide to feeding little tums. Packed full with everything you need to know to make mealtimes a little easier!

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    A handy guide to feeding little tums!

    In the guide you'll find lots of help + advice on how to build a balanced meal with any ingredients, how to deal with fussy eaters, yummy snack ideas, adding variety to your meals, the right portion sizes, turning your toddler into a veggie superstar + lots more.

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    Nutritionist Claire's top tips

    Toddler hub balanced diet

    Offering your toddler a balanced diet is crucial to fuel their growth + development

    Toddler hub variety

    By giving your toddler a variety of different foods, the more likely they are to try + accept new foods

    Toddler hub portion

    It can be tricky to know how much is enough, so start with smaller portions + only offer seconds if they're still hungry

    Toddler hub tip 4 happy mealtimes

    Setting a time for brekkie, lunch + dinner can help give structure to toddlers and reduce repeated requests for snacks

    Toddler hub tip 5 sensory foodplay

    Food is a fun, sensory adventure and a chance to bring family + friends together. Eating together with your toddler helps them to create a healthy relationship with food!

    Toddler hub tip 6 bright starts

    Wake up little taste buds in the morning with quick + easy brekkie options which will keep them going until lunchtime!

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