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We work reeeally closely with lots of experts so that our yummy foods are the best for tiny tummies and to make sure you have all the info you need for your little one's weaning adventure.

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Claire Baseley

Claire Baseley, infant nutritionist, makes sure all our yummy recipes are right for tiny tummies as well as helping parents and carers with all their weaning questions.


Sally Luckraft

Sally Luckraft is one of our very own food developers and mum to two children. She makes Ella’s yummy new stuff, spending lots of time in the kitchen trying out her new recipes for tiny tums to enjoy.


Fliss Vaughan

Fliss Vaughan makes yummy new stuff at Ella’s Kitchen. She's reeeally creative and can often be found in the kitchen creating lots of healthy + tasty new recipes for you to try at home with your little ones.


Jax Dale

Jax Dale is our sensory scientist at Ella’s, ensuring our foods are just right for little ones by using all five senses! Jax makes sure all our yummy food at Ella’s is safe for tiny tums and of the best quality.

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Helen Coulthard

Dr Helen Coulthard is a developmental psychologist. Helen has done lots of research looking into children's eating behaviour and how sensory play can help prevent fussy eating. With all her wonderful knowledge, Helen has come up with lots of ideas on how you can help develop positive relationships with healthy foods, including fun + engaging sensory games + activities.

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