weaning vegetables

Introducing vegetables in weaning gets tiny taste buds used to savoury flavours, helping little ones grow into a Little Veg Lover for life!

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LVL landing mobile

grow your own Little Veg Lover!

Take a peek at our 3 simple steps to get your baby loving veg...

Veg it

veg it!

introducing single veggie tastes followed by veggie blends early on in weaning gets tiny taste buds used to savoury flavours.

Switch it

switch it!

Get your little one loving a variety of tastes with a rainbow of veggies. Start with savoury veg.

Repeat it

repeat it!

It can take up to 8 tiny tastes until your little one learns to accept a new food, so keep trying!

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first tastes

Just right for introducing new scrummy veggies from the very first taste

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veggie blends

Once your little one is happy trying single veggie tastes, move onto Perfect Purees veggie blends, combining a variety of scrummy veg tastes together!

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Love Veg bundles

Get the full 'Love Veg' range, plus a handy veggie wall chart, sticks + veggie booklet full of tips, just right for the start of your little one's weaning adventure

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nutritionist Claire's top tips!

Funny Face

funny faces

If your little one pulls a funny face, it doesn’t mean they don't like it…it's just reeeeally new! Keep trying + they'll learn to love it!

Smoothly does it

smoothly does it!

To make a first puree...soft cook veg and blend with a little of your baby's usual milk until it's the texture of pouring cream. Once your little one is happy eating thinner purees you can thicken them up to a more mashed texture.

Tiny Tastes

tiny tastes

To start with, it doesn't matter how much your little one eats. A spoonful or two is enough as they'll still be getting most of their nutrition from their usual milk.

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yummy veggie recipes to try

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