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From 6 months, your little one can start to explore new foods which offer lots of nutrients, tastes + textures for tiny tums. Explore our handy tips + guides below!

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Weaning from 6 months
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Play + learn with finger foods

Little ones learn by playing with the world around them + that goes for finger foods too!

Let tiny hands explore super-soft veggie sticks (like cooked carrot + parsnip) and chopped mushy fruits (like mango + banana), perfect for developing great hand-eye coordination

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Weaning 6 months
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Nutritionist Claire's top tips!

It's reeeally important to offer lots of nutritious foods like:

Iron rich foods

iron-rich foods

Try pulses, meat + dark green veg like spinach, kale or broccoli.

Protein grains


Introduce well-cooked eggs, fish, meat, lentils, pulses + soy

Calcium dairy


Try some dairy foods like cheese + yoghurt for growing bones and leafy greens like broccoli + kale. Also, tahini is a great dairy-free option!



Like pasta, rice, couscous + oats

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Helpful stuff: weaning guides + videos!

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Yummy recipes to try

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7+ Months
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what to expect at the next stage of your journey…

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There's something for every step of your little one's weaning journey

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Play + learn with Finger Foods!

Explore top tips, yummy finger food recipes + fun activities for every stage of your little one's weaning journey