Tasty, touchy, smelly, squishy sensory play!!

Did you know exploring food with all the senses through play helps to create happy little eaters for life?

Explore fun activities, yummy recipes + expert tips below to help encourage your little one to enjoy mealtimes + learn to love good food.

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Sensory Play Page Hero B91 C86

Sensory play

Experiencing fruit + veggies with all the senses through squishing, popping, smooshing + sniffing helps little ones develop their confidence + curiosity to try new foods.
That’s why we’ve created lots of fun activities to help your little one learn to love food with all the senses!

The Banana That Became Brave

Bananas at the ready!

Join the pirate bananas on a faraway island to discover all the fun ways a little bouncy banana becomes brave.

Watch the full story!


The Broccoli that Wondered Who To Be

Watch the full story and join Little Broccoli + Big Broccoli to find out how a bobbly, wobbly broccoli can become a skydiver! Are you ready to broc?

The Carrot That Could

It’s carrot o’clock! Join the Carrot down in the field, deep in the ground and play along with our interactive sensory storybook The Carrot that Could!

EK Play Doodle Courgette Submarine

foodie fun

Let little ones get hands on + tasting our scrummy foodie fun recipes!

Avocado froggy face

avo froggy fun

Let's go

courgettepillar fun

Let's play
Berry Butterfly foodie fun

berry butterflies

Let's play
Lion pasta sensory play

twirly whirly lion

Let's play
Broccoli jungle

tasty tropical jungle

Let's play
Fun in sunshine sensory food play

fun in the sunshine

Let's play
Spiced brekkie sensory play

spiced brekkie hash

Let's cook

sensory play activities

Encourage your little one to explore yummy fruit + veggies using all their senses. Try our easy-peasy sensory food play activities at home!

ready, steady, sniff

Let your baby have a whiff of different deeelicious foodie aromas…mmmm

let's start
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big taste face

Quick sensory play ideas at home that are under 2 minutes

Let's play
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super shaker

Create a foodie musical instrument with your little one!

Let's go
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foodie sounds

Listen to foodie sounds as you cook + enjoy eating your meal together

Let's play
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  • Cook

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We believe every little one should have the opportunity to grow up happy + healthy, that's why it's time to get serious about playing with food!

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