Sensory Play

Did you know exploring food with all the senses through play helps to create happy little eaters for life?

That’s why we’ve created lots of fun activities, yummy recipes, expert tips + more, to help encourage your little one to enjoy mealtimes + learn to love good food

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Learn to love good food with sensory play!

Sensory play can help little people learn about + become reeeally familiar with different textures, shapes, colours, sounds, tastes and smells in a calm, happy + fun environment.

It's a great way for little ones to learn about the wonderful world of food and help them become more willing to try + eventually accept new yummy tastes, maybe even learning to love them!

Take a peek as expert nutritionist Claire, chats to Two Dads Rich + Lew, about why engaging the senses is super important for making mealtimes fun + developing good little eaters...

About Us Assets Looks Lovely

Looks lovely

Introducing a range of colours + shapes is a great way to get little ones’ excited about exploring new things. If food looks super interesting, it’ll encourage them to give it a go...

Avocado froggy face

Avo froggy foodie fun

Little ones will love creating + tasting this scrummy, hoppy froggy masterpiece! ribbit!

Let's go!

Courgettepillar foodie fun

Create this cheeesy creepy crawly at home using just 3 yummy ingredients!

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Bubbly bottle sensory game

bubbly bubble bottles game

A super quick + easy peasy game, perfect for playing with little ones from 6months+

Let's play
Tasty green turtle foodie fun

Tasty green turtles

Keep little hands busy with this turtle-ly awesome foodie fun activity!

Let's see!
Berry Butterfly foodie fun

berry butterflies foodie fun

Try this fruity fun activity, perfect for brightening up a rainy day!

Take a peek
Lion pasta sensory play

Twirly whirly lion

Little paws will love this mealtime activity! Roaaaarr!

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Broccoli jungle

Tasty tropical jungle

Create a tasty veggie masterpiece with your little one!

Let's go!
Fun in sunshine sensory food play

Fun in the sunshine

Have some summer fun on a plate all year round with this foodie fun activity

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About Us Assets Smells Super

Smells super

From early on, little ones will begin to react to different smells and associate good or bad experiences with them, which is why it’s super important to get those little noses twitching in fun + enjoyable ways!

herby smelly socks game

Play this easy peasy game of smelly socks with dried or fresh herbs!

Let's play

ready steady sniff activity

Let your baby have a whiff of different deeelicious foodie aromas...mmmm!

Let's go

Cheesy bunny recipe

Explore the sniffy whiffy smells whilst cooking these cheesy bunny muffins!

Let's bake
About Us Assets Tingling Tastes

Tickling tastes

Fruits + veggies will vary in taste and some little ones may react with strong + funny faces at first, but can learn to love them if you keep trying from early on!

Yumm or umm sensory fun

big taste face

Cameras at the ready! Time to capture those first big taste faces

Let's play
Yumm umm icon

yum or ummm!

Was that a yum or an ummm? See our tot tasting cheat sheet for hints + clues from your little one!

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Spiced brekkie sensory play

Spiced brekkie hash up

Whip up a scrummy brekkie using leftover potatoes + veggies to tingle tiny taste buds

Let's cook
Avocado mint dip

minty pea avo dip recipe

Try making our avolicious minty dip - it's easy peasy + super tasty!

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About Us Assets Touchy Feely

Touchy feely

Let your baby get hands on with their food and explore a variety of touchy feely sensations

touchy feely textures

Let your baby touch + feel different foodie textures like a furry kiwi + bumpy avocado skin!

Let's play

veg painting

Use chopped up fruits + veggies for painting + unleash your mini Picasso!

Take a peek

sea spaghetti activity

Take a trip under the sea with this super fun + slippery sea spaghetti activity!

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About Us Assets Sounds Scrummy

Sounds scrummy

Foodie sounds can create excitement for the yummy food we're about to eat and really adds to the eating experience!

Foodie sounds sensory fun

super shaker activity

Create a foodie musical instrument with your little one!

Let's play
Foodie instrument sensory game

foodie sounds

Listen to foodie sounds as you cook + enjoy eating your meal together

Let's go
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Sensory tips from our experts!

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