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From 10 months, you may start to see some little teeth coming through! Explore our handy tips + guides below.

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Weaning 10 months
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time to chew-chew!

Lumps + chunks are perfect for giving new teeth something to do but don’t worry if there's no sign of gnashers yet, little ones are brilliant at chewing soft chunks with just their gums.

Weaning 10 months
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nutritionist Claire's top tips!

Highchair picnic

highchair picnic

Give your little one more control over what they eat + offer a variety of yummy finger foods (try slices of omelette, hard boiled egg slices, falafel or new potato halves)

Pincer grip

incy wincy pincer grip!

Little fingers + thumbs can start to pick up smaller pieces of food like chopped blueberries

10 months repeat it

repeat it!

Prepare yummy veg in different ways. Try roast, mash, stir-fry, steam or adding a sprinkle of herbs to excite tiny taste buds

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Helpful stuff: weaning guides + videos!

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yummy recipes to try

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what to expect at the next stage of your journey…

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There's something for every step of your little one's weaning journey

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