welcome to EllaCycle!

Our colourful handy packs are made in lots of different ways, so they need to be recycled in different ways too. Ellacycle is a super scheme to turn old Ella's packaging into new and useful things.

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what is EllaCycle?

There are lots of good things about pouches. They’re lightweight and low impact to manufacture and transport. They are clean, hygienic and safe for little ones. But not being widely recyclable has always been our biggest challenge.

That’s why we were one of the first brands to partner with TerraCycle in 2010 to launch Ellacycle, our nationwide recycling solution for all baby food packaging. In that time, we have saved over 4 million pouches from going to landfill – and raised over £80,000 for good causes!

Although we’re proud of what we have achieved, we know that when it comes to recycling our packaging, there’s lots more to do. That’s why we’ve set a target for all our packaging to be widely recycled by 2024.

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find pouch drop off points

Use the map below to find out if there’s an Ella’s Kitchen drop off point near you.

want more of the good stuff?

With every scrummy mouthful of Ella's Kitchen, your little one is helping us do good stuff and protect our world for future generations.

EllaCycle FAQs

We get lots of questions regarding the recycling of our packaging. Follow the link below to get all the answers you need.

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