Let your baby have a whiff of different deeelicious foodie aromas...mmmm!

Tips to encourage sense of smell

Your baby's sense of smell is closely linked to taste + can influence what they like to eat. They may even like similar smells + foods to their mum, as they will have experienced them in the womb!

These easy peasy tips will reeeally help to familiarise your little one with new foods by engaging their sense of smell!

Have your little one join you while you’re cooking so they can smell the deeelicious foodie aromas. Top tip! You can pretend to be bunny rab bits + start sn if f sniff sniffing together!

Different herbs to smell

Encourage your baby to sniff herbs, spices, cheese, fruit or vegetables + let the aroma of frying onions, bubbling bolognese + marvellous mushroom risotto waft across to their nose!

Let your baby have a whiff of different smells like:

  • nutty smells - crushed or butter version
  • zesty - lemon, orange, lime
  • fishy - salmon, tuna
  • fruity - pineapple, banana, kiwi, melon
  • herby - parsley, mint, basil, thyme
  • savoury - mushroom, garlic, cheese, tomato
  • spicy - cinnamon, ginger, cumin, star anise
Smell sensory play

Play guess the smell

Try this game with older little ones - from age 3 years

  1. Put a smelly food into a cup
  2. Let your little one smell it (no peeking)
  3. Ask them to guess the food
Guess the smell sensory game
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