getting ready for weaning? take a peek at our essential baby weaning list, including lots of handy equipment you'll need to help make your little one's weaning journey super smooooth.

Weaning essentials checklist

Before you start weaning your baby, you’ll need to stock up on a range of essential baby weaning equipment to get you off to a flying start.

Here’s everything you need to get ready for starting your little one’s tiny taste bud adventure!

  • Vegetable peeler – for all those scrummy veggie first tastes!
  • Sharp paring knife – for chop chop chopping
  • Small saucepan – perfect for reheating little portions for tiny tummies
  • Steamer – the best way to preserve nutrients and keep the yummy flavour locked in
  • Sieve - to strain fruit, catch naughty pips + help get rid of tough skins
  • Hand blender or food processor - to whiz your baby’s food to the right texture
  • Potato masher – for when you move on from puree
  • Sterilizer – for spoons and bowls (you can sterilize in boiling water if you prefer!)
  • Ice cube trays – for storing purees in the freezer in portions
  • Freezer bags – for storing frozen puree cubes or finger foods
  • Labels + marker pen – so you know what’s what + when you made it
  • Beakers + cups – to help your baby move on from a bottle. Doidycup + sippy cups
  • High chair or booster seat
  • Lots of washable with sleeve bibs (pssst! Make sure machine washable not just wipe clean and waterproof)
  • Lots of Tupperware or ramekin dishes
  • Small baby plastic bowls and soft tip spoons (suction bowls and plates are great!)
  • Lots of wipes and cloths
  • A messy mat or splash mat can come in handy for under the high chair
  • Some plastic or wipeable bibs can be useful to avoid constant washing
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