Start to introduce more texture + exciting tastes with the help of our handy 7 months weaning planner!

From 7 months, you can start to introduce a second meal if your baby is comfortably eating once a day but go at your little one’s pace. Some might be ready for more food earlier or later than this. At this stage, you can also start to introduce more texture, as little ones can learn to push + squish soft lumps against the roof of their mouth with their tongue (so don’t worry if you can’t see any tiny teeth yet).

Depending on your little one’s appetite, between 3–4 ice-cube size food per meal will be just enough, but your little one’s appetite may change day to day! Babies don’t need snacks for nutritional reasons but at this age, using finger food at mealtimes is a great way to help develop hand-eye coordination.

Take a look at our handy weaning planner for 7 months+ and top tips below:

  • Be led by your baby's appetite when it comes to introducing a second meal - there's no rush! Your baby might not need a second meal until they're nearly 8months old or they may be ready earlier. Trust your instinct and your baby's appetite.
  • You may find your baby wants less milk after you introduce a second meal like breakfast, for example. Eventually they may drop a milk feed completely but until 10 months of age, continue to offer about 600ml (21oz) of baby's usual milk a day.
  • On top of your baby’s usual milk, you can also start to offer water in a cup at mealtimes.
  • Go for a fine fork mashed texture where the lumps are small and soft (about the size of a lentil or smaller) in a thick puree. Your little one will have a bigger appetite for food now and might be eating 1-2 bowlfuls each day.
  • Let them tell you when they've had enough. If they turn their head away, push away the spoon or spit the food out, it's probably a sign they're full.
  • Offer finger foods at each meal. Keep them soft enough to squish between your fingers and about the size and shape of an adult index finger

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