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what do the friends team do?

Our communications team get involved in creating content and campaigns that supports and inspires parents and little ones as well as celebrating all our scrummy products.


say hello to Angie, runs making friends

My job is all about leading the Friends team to develop super Ella’s-y brand communications and activation plans - from recipes, top tips, advice and fun activities – we aim to support parents + little ones through every stage of their weaning journey. We connect with parents through lots of different channels, from social media to our website, always using the same distinctive brand personality and tone of voice. We create and distribute inspiring and credible content that can be easily found and helps makes mealtimes fun.

a little background please, what do you do day to day at ella’s kitchen?

We engage with our friends on social media, via our email program and through our website.

We work closely with retailers to make sure our products look great in stores and online. In the product team, we work with our friends to find out what they think of our products and what we could be doing differently. We identify great new ways we can engage with our current friends or make new friends!. Our team includes brand and product managers, retail marketers, social media and digital gurus as well as marvellous marketing assistants that help keep everything together!

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"i’ve been at Ella’s for a long time, joining when there was just 15 of us! i’ve done lots of different marketing jobs, including shopper, insights and packaging. i’m also known as the “Cook Book Queen” as I led the production of all the Ella’s Kitchen cook books. before I started working at Ella’s Kitchen I worked for two large food manufacturers, in marketing and PR functions."


Head of friends team

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what do you love about working at ella's?

The best thing about working at Ella’s is feeling like you’re part of a family… I know that sounds super cheesy but it’s the truth! I absolutely LOVE coming to work everyday and working with such passionate, fun, inspiring people. We laugh everyday and no one takes themselves too seriously – I feel so lucky to be a part of the team and wouldn’t ever want to work anywhere else.

a huge hello from the friends team

Friends team
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working at ella’s

We know that happy, healthy people do the best work so we work reeeally hard to be a tip-top employer focussing on understanding the whole person.

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