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We passionately believe that there are lots of ways that, as a business, we can make the world a better place; where little ones can grow up happier + healthier.

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I joined Ella’s Kitchen in 2016 after spending the first part of my career working in visual merchandising and store planning in the city. I got to a point where I was fed up with the commuting and it started to take its toll on my work life balance. After moving to Henley and buying my first house with my husband I decided enough was enough and I wanted to work somewhere closer to home! That was when I found Ella’s Kitchen.

Initially I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity in the Shopper Marketing team where I learnt lots about our retailer friends and how marketing works within the world of baby food. It was a great experience and in doing so I also began to learn more about what it means to be part of the B Corp community and how we are helping to lead the way in ethical and sustainable business. This is where my passion for sustainability really took off and I became totally in awe of business’s trying to make a real difference in this world.

After my first 2 years at Ella’s, an opportunity arose to be part of the Good Stuff We Do Team. Naturally I put my name forward and with the support of Ella’s Kitchen, was given a chance to work in an area I absolutely love and am super passionate about.

a little background please, what do you do day to day at Ella’s Kitchen?

We do this through being Good for Tiny Tummies, being Good to the Planet and doing Good Business. Together we call this The Good Stuff We Do.

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"i love coming to work everyday and feeling like I am helping to make a difference! Not only with improving the lives of little ones through developing healthy relationships with food, but also in helping to protect the planet for future generations."


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We know that happy, healthy people do the best work so we work reeeally hard to be a tip-top employer focussing on understanding the whole person.

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