Handy hints to tell if your little one loves a taste, or not....yet!

Did you know...

Little ones are born with a preference for sweet tastes which gives them a liking for energy-rich breastmilk from the very start. However, it makes it trickier to introduce bitter tasting vegetables like broccoli, green beans or spinach!

Research shows babies who are introduced to a variety of single veg, early + throughout the weaning journey are more likely to accept + grow up eating veg than those who are given just fruits.

Babies can pull all sorts of faces when they try a new food + even if they look reeeally disgusted, it doesn’t mean they won’t accept the food after a few tries.

How to tell if your baby loves it

Yumm or umm chart sensory play
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Spot these yummy-isms for signs that your little one is loving the food:

  • Holding on to high-chair tight with excitement (around 6m)
  • Chewing fingers + bib (around 6m)
  • Getting busy + messy (under 2)
  • Clapping hands
  • Excited shrieks
  • Spoon + finger licking
  • Leaning forwards for foods + spoon
  • Opening mouth wide
  • Saying yummy (18m+)
  • Making up fun names for meals (2+)

Signs to try again another day

Look for these signs to know if you should try the same taste another day:

  • Turning head + body away
  • Throwing spoon + food on the floor
  • Crying
  • Saying ‘yuck’ (18m+)
  • Picking + pushing food around
  • Using excuses – e.g. ‘it’s too hot’
  • Demanding other foods e.g. snacks (2+)

Remember to keep trying...it can take up to 8 tries to like a new food!

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Helen Coulthard

Developmental psychologist / Makes Sense of Food Play