Why not create some foodie masterpieces together with your little one as it’s a fun + easy way to engage their senses!

Our research has shown us that little ones who experience veggies and fruit using all their senses are more likely to eat + try those foods when mealtimes come around. Remember, the more times your baby tries a new food, the more likely they are to learn to accept it and grow-up to become good little eaters… so keep trying!

We’ve come up with lots of ideas, tips + sensorial games that you can try together. Let’s play!

Help little ones to experience a world of different colours and shapes by offering a rainbow of fruits and veggies with different shapes and sizes. Why not create some foodie masterpieces together with your little one as it’s a fun + easy way to engage their senses!

Tasty Green Turtles (12months+)


  • 1 x kiwi fruit, skinned + halved
  • 4 x green grapes
  • 4 x tiny seeds (such as poppy seeds)


1. Slice the rounded ends off the two halves of kiwi fruit, just so that each half stands up on a plate, halved side upwards.

2. Position a whole grape at one end of one kiwi half to make the turtle’s head. Repeat with another grape for the other kiwi half. (Note that whole grapes can pose a choking hazard for very little ones.)

3. Cut the remaining grapes lengthways into quarters + position the quarters to create four little legs around each kiwi half.

Finally, push two seeds into each grape ‘head’ to give the turtles eyes!

4. Be sure to slice the grapes into quarters lengthways before feeding to your little one.

Fluttery Berry Butterflies (12months+)


  • 2 x hulled strawberries (green tops reserved)
  • 1 x blackberry


1. Position the blackberry on the plate to form the butterfly’s body. Slice one strawberry around its circumference to create six round slices.

2. Take the two biggest rounds of strawberry + position them either side of the bottom of the blackberry for the wings

3. Take two smaller rounds + pop them on top of the larger ones as ‘spots’.

4. Halve the remaining strawberry along its length + position the halves, cut-side up, pointed end inwards, either side of the blackberry to form the upper parts of the wings.

5. Place the remaining small slices of strawberry on top of these to give the upper wings spots, too.

6. Pull two little leaves from the reserved green tops + position them at the top of the blackberry for antennae.

7, Be sure to slice the strawberries into quarters and blackberries in half lengthways before giving to your little one to eat! Send us your little foodies creations and help inspire other upcoming foodie artists :)

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