Say hello to The Banana That Became Brave

Our banana themed interactive sensory storybook is designed to help you + your little ones love fruit and veggies through the power of play!

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what you'll need!

For this story, you’ll need two bananas: one whole banana, one peeled and split into banana sticks + keep hold of the peel!

Handy hack: To make your banana sticks, peel your banana and slide your thumb lengthways down the centre. Pull the pieces apart from the middle so that you have 3 equal fingers

The Banana That Became Brave

On a faraway island, in the shade of some palm trees,

Sat two Pirate Bananas preparing to sail the seven seas,

There was Fearsome Captain Banana-cle, with a big bushy beard,

and First Mate, Little B, who’s been volunteered,

Little B was a bit nervous, not feeling too brave.

They’d never seen the sea before, not even a wave!

“Stick with me”, roared the Captain, with a hearty chuckle.

“We’ll make a pirate of you yet, with a swagger and swashbuckle.” (Tip: Swish the banana like a pirate’s cutlass)

“First grab a flute, and play a pirate tune” (Tip: Hold the banana like it’s a flute and play a pirate song)

“Pull up the anchor, let out the sails and steer towards the moon” (Tip: Hold the banana like it’s a crescent moon in the sky)

“We’ll keep watch for sharks and jagged rocks, for our ship could break, (Tip: Hold the banana like a ship, rocking in the waves)

“We may even spot some dolphins, dancing in our wake” (Tip: Use your 3 banana sticks like 3 dolphins, jumping in + out of the water together)

“From giant squid to jellyfish, these seas are filled with wonder,” (Tip: Hold the banana peel in the air like it’s a jellyfish, bobbing in the water)

“Even buried treasure, ready for us to plunder.”

“And when we drop anchor, after a dashing, daring day,”

“You’ll feel proud you were brave and lived the pirate way.”

“I can’t wait!” said Little B. “Just one question while we get ready…”

“If I promise to be brave, can I bring my teddy?”

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