Say hello to The Carrot That Could

This is our first interactive sensory storybook designed to help you + your little ones love fruit and veggies through the power of play! Play along to the virtual sensory story

What you'll need

For this story, you’ll need three carrots: two whole, and one cooked + cut into sticks


Down in the fields, deep in the ground,

Grew a little carrot, who was moping around

“Being a carrot is so dull, we never have fun”

“We just sit here, slowly growing in the sun”

“There’s lots we can do!” another carrot said. “Let’s make plans,”

“You can be anything you want, when you’re in the right hands.”

A rocket ship to Mars, soaring through space

Two eyes and a mouth, making a big smiley face (Tip: Arrange your carrot rounds into a face)

Running by the beach, roly polys toward the cliff (Tip: Roll your carrots on a table, or the floor)

Fighting off a dragon becoming the legend of your own myth (Tip: Use your carrot to battle the dragon)

Drumsticks for your drum, leading the band (Tip: Bang the carrots on a table, or high chair)

For a swashbuckling pirate, you’re a sword for their hand (Tip: Have a pretend sword fight with the carrots)

A horn for a unicorn, galloping through the park. (Tip: Put the carrot on your forehead)

Or just a tasty snack, to help kids see in the dark.

“That was fun!” said the carrot. “I’ve had quite a day.”

“You have”, said the friend. “Food’s fun when we play.”

And all of a sudden, the carrot felt good.

Because it knew for sure, it was the carrot that could


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