Tasty tips on how to make your toddler's fave meals healthier

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Making meals + snacks healthier for all the family doesn't need to be complicated. Once you have a list of the meals + snacks the whole family will eat + enjoy, use our tasty tips to super charge them to be healthier.

It can be as simple as...

  • Adding dried, frozen or canned fruit + a dollop of plain yoghurt to porridge
  • Popping some frozen veg + canned pulses into soup, sauces or one pot meals
  • Grating a carrot into a sandwich or wrap for extra vitamins + fibre
  • Grating (rather than slicing) cheese to go into a sandwich so you use less (healthier and money saving)
  • Swapping cream for plain yoghurt
  • Making a tasty veggie stock from peelings + veg offcuts-Just pop your veggie offcuts in a pan of water of around 2 litres, with a chopped onion, a couple of crushed garlic cloves, around 5 peppercorns + some mixed herbs. Bring to the boil + reduce to simmer for 2 hours, then simply strain the stock through a sieve, remove the veg + portion it out to store in the freezer for later
  • Swapping fattier cuts of meat for leaner versions like 5% fat minced beef or chicken/turkey in dishes like spag bol, shepherd's pie + meatballs. You could also replace some or all of the meat in recipes with pulses to keep the protein in the meal but reduce fat and save money
  • Swapping fresh fish for frozen or canned to save money + reduce waste
  • Swapping red minced meat like lamb or beef for chicken or turkey which reduces saturated fat
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Claire Baseley

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