Using different chopped up fruits + veggies for painting is a great way to get your little one hands on with different foods. Why not give some of the following ideas a go to unleash your mini Picasso!

How to do veg painting

Cut different shapes into potato halves + use as a ‘stamp’ to create a work of art with coloured paints! Use different foods cut in half to create other shapes, such as carrot, celery, broccoli (cut lengthways makes a tree print!) or strawberry (cut lengthways makes a heart shape!).

Veg painting sensory fun

Make edible paint

Make your own edible paint by blending different fruit + veg such as carrot, broccoli, apple/strawberry, parsnip (mix with a little water or baby’s usual milk until you achieve the right consistency).

For older little ones, why not use our Smoothie Fruit pouch (or any other yummy Ella's pouch!) as paint! Let little ones paint ladybird dots or tiger stripes on their arms, hands + cheeks + let them rooooaaaar!

Make fruity faces

Make fruity faces using different coloured fruits – try sliced kiwi for eyes, halved blueberries for eyebrows, half a strawberry for a nose + a slice of mango for a mouth! If your little one is slightly older (2–3yrs), they could even create hair with edible paint.

Sensory fun for older ones

For older little ones age 2 - 3 years, try using different shaped cookie cutters to create interesting shapes with fruit + veg for your little one to use as paint stamps - such as star shaped potato slices, or heart shaped watermelon!

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Helen Coulthard

Developmental psychologist / Makes Sense of Food Play