Ella's expands much-loved finger foods range

- 3rd February 2020 -

Carrot stick
Parsnip finger snack

Ella’s Kitchen adds five new innovations to its much-loved Finger Foods range (Mini Puffs, Munchy Fingers + Puff Pops), developed to be just the right size, shape + texture for little fingers to play + learn on their weaning adventure!

The UK’s leading baby food brand, Ella’s Kitchen, has expanded its much-loved range of organic fun + tasty Finger Foods to include five new products, specifically designed to help little ones develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills through fun, sensory food play at mealtimes.

Finger food range

New additions to the finger foods range

Munchy Fingers, Mini Puffs and Puff Pops are the latest scrummy additions to the existing Finger Foods line-up, which currently includes Melty Puffs, Rice Cakes, Melty Hoops, Baby Biscuits and the best-selling Melty Sticks (fun fact: A Melty Stick is enjoyed by a baby in the UK every second).

Little ones learn from playing and interacting with the world around them, making these scrummy Finger Foods perfect for encouraging little ones to explore new tastes + textures at mealtimes. They are just the right size + shape for little fingers to play + learn with, helping them to understand how to feed themselves whilst developing great hand-eye coordination skills.

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Giving your little one the chance to explore food with their hands on their weaning adventure helps develop a healthy relationship with food, whilst also helping them to learn great hand-eye coordination. Finger foods are perfect for encouraging little fingers, from 6 months, to explore food with play, helping them learn to not only love their food, but practice the different developmental grips and grabs needed to pick up, hold and feed themselves.

Claire Baseley

Ella’s Kitchen’s Nutritionist

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Let's get hands on

Encourage little ones to get hands-on with their food, for example, let tiny fingers dip-dip-dip Munchy Fingers into brightly coloured, tasty dips, like green guacamole or red salsa. Introduce little ones to a range of exciting new tastes + textures to enjoy, such as punchy paprika, scrummy sweetcorn and marvellous mixed herbs – plus with less mess, they’re a win with parents too!

Formulated with 100% organic ingredients, the new additions to the Finger Foods range include:

Munchy Fingers (9 months+) (£2.00) – available in Mixed Herb and Sweetcorn + Paprika

These crunchy, munchy finger foods are just the right size + shape for little ones learning how to hold + eat flat shapes, giving tiny fingers more control over their grip – plus, these organic new flavours, Mixed Herb and Sweetcorn + Paprika, are reeeally exciting for tiny taste buds to explore! Made with rice, maize and super-duper chickpeas for a tantalising texture combination – they’re perfect as they are, deeelicious with dips, suuuper with spreads and great on the go! Available to buy now on the Ella’s Kitchen online shop, Asda, Ocado, Waitrose + Morrisons.

Mini Puffs (10 months+) (£2.00) - available in Carrot + Parsnip and Strawberry + Banana

These yummy organic maize Mini Puffs are great on the go, as they’re packed into four handy grabbable bags. They’re deliciously melty, specifically designed to aid development of the finger + thumb, ‘pincer’ grip, whilst introducing little ones (from 10 months+) to yummy taste combinations. Available to buy now on the Ella’s Kitchen online shop, Asda, Ocado, Waitrose + Morrisons.

Puff Pops (10 months+) (£2.00) – available in Peas + Sweetcorn

Our a-maize-ing organic Puff Pops – with a fun mix of two tasty veggie tastes per bag – are just the right size + shape for little fingers to learn how to pick up smaller pieces of food and pop into their mouths (also known as the ‘pincer’ grip). Puff Pops allow parents to help babies practice at mealtimes, and perfect for little tums from 10 months+. Available to buy now on the Ella’s Kitchen online shop + exclusively at Tesco.

All of Ella’s Kitchen’s pouches, finger food bags + wrappers are recyclable via EllaCycle (a nationwide recycling solution for all baby food packaging), in partnership with recycling experts, TerraCycle. EllaCycle currently has over 600 drop-off points around the UK, has saved over 4 million pouches from going into landfill and raised over £70K for local communities.

Mark Cuddigan, CEO of Ella’s Kitchen said: “Our Mission at Ella’s Kitchen is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food and we’re always looking at new + exciting, innovative ways to help do this. Every weaning journey is about more than just filling tiny tums – it’s about creating moments for little ones to enjoy + explore the world around them. These sensory food experiences are really important in helping little ones learn new skills and develop positive experiences at mealtimes, from the very first mouthful. We hope that these exciting new additions to our Finger Foods family will allow little ones to experience lots of new tastes + textures, while learning great hand-eye coordination and motor skills through fun play at mealtimes.”