Ella’s Kitchen launches new and improved ‘perfect puddings’ range

- 28th March 2024 -

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Ella’s Kitchen, the UK’s leading kids’ food brand, has revamped its ‘perfect puddings’ range with improved taste and texture that is perfect for little tummies.

Each pudding brings old family favourites – like Apple + Cinnamon Crumble and Strawberry + Blackcurrant Summer Pudding, to little ones’ mealtimes – allowing children to enjoy traditional recipes with no added sugar.

Suitable for little ones aged 7months and older, the puddings will be rolled out across supermarkets and online retailers including Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Ocado from March, with some puddings having hit the shelves already!

As well as being reformulated to improve taste, texture and quality, the puddings have also had a packaging upgrade – with a new easy to open pot to help little ones gain more independence at mealtimes.

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“We’re so excited to bring these new and improved puddings to the shelves! Ella’s Kitchen is the only brand in the baby food aisle to offer family favourite puddings, using traditional recipes, that are suitable for little tummies. This is part of our belief that parents and carers should be provided with alternatives to out-of-aisle products that are not designed for children – which can often be higher in sugar, salt and fat, and with textures unsuitable for little ones. These puddings are the perfect alternative, with no added sugar, no additives and made only from ingredients you would find in your kitchen at home.

“These new and improved puddings have been a long time in the making – and have been carefully reformulated to ensure improved taste, texture and quality, while our packaging has undergone a complete redesign to create a pot that – with supervision – little ones can open and hold themselves, helping them feel more independent at mealtimes!”.

Amy Standen

Head of Making Things Right (Technical Director), Ella’s Kitchen

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