Join Ella's Friends + weaning pack little print (terms + conditions)

Free Weaning Pack (the “Promotion”) terms and conditions

  1. This offer is only open to UK residents aged 18 or over, except employees and their families of Ella’s Kitchen, its agents or anyone professionally connected with the Promotion.
  2. Register to Join Ella’s Friends on the website and tick the boxes to opt in + add your address to receive your free Ella’s Weaning Pack.
  3. Save for as detailed in paragraph 4, new Friends who have correctly filled out the ‘Join Ella’s Friends’ form, including their full address will receive their free Weaning Pack in the post. Ella’s Kitchen accepts no responsibility for incomplete forms.
  4. Ella’s Kitchen will not send out Weaning Packs to Friends whose little one, at the time the “Join Ella’s Friends” form is complete, is 12 months of age or over.
  5. The weaning pack (the “Weaning Pack”) consists of:
  • Five ‘pennies off’ coupons for Ella’s Kitchen products (as further detailed below)
  • An A3 weaning wall chart and poster (1 of each)
  • A weaning guide booklet

6. The total value of the pennies off coupons in the Weaning Pack is £1.00 but Ella’s Kitchen reserves the right to amend this sum at any time.
7. Only one Weaning Pack will be allocated per child.
8. All registered Friends of Ella's will have access to a digital handy guide to feeding little tums (toddlers), accessible only from their Ella's Friends account + only available to Ella's Friends who have a little one that is 12 months of age or over. This guide is only available online and will not be sent in the post.

9. No purchase of any Ella’s Kitchen products is necessary to enter the Promotion.
10. Please allow 28 days from registration for delivery of Weaning Pack. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any items that are delayed, lost or damaged during postage.
11. This offer is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. No cash alternative is available

Pennies off coupons terms and conditions

The following terms apply to each of the coupons detailed below:

12. Redeemable in-store ONLY at UK retailers ONLY, subject to availability.

13. The coupon is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Photocopies are not accepted, and the coupon is not transferable. Only original and undamaged coupons accepted. Not valid if reproduced, altered or tampered with.

14. Not for sale or auction. Valid until: 31/12/2023

15. Redeemable retailers: Sainsburys, Boots, Waitrose, Superdrug, Co-Op, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Iceland and One stop.

16. 4-6 Months (Try a veggie pouch for free): To the grown ups: This coupon can be used to redeem a free Ella’s Kitchen 4 months+ First taste or Veg blend product only. ( Sweetcorn, Sweetcorn, Sweetcorn fist taste, Peas, Peas, Peas First taste, Sweet potato, Sweet potato, Sweet potato First taste, Carrots, Carrots, Carrots First taste, Parsnip, Parsnip, Parsnip First taste, Peas, Broccoli + Potatoes Veg Blend, Pumpkin, Broccoli + sweetcorn Veg Blend, Squash, Sweet potatoes + Parsnip Veg Blend, Sweet potatoes, Broccoli + carrots Veg Blend.)

17. 6 Months (Try melty puffs for free): To the grown ups: This coupon can be used to redeem a free Ella’s Kitchen 6 months+ Melty puff product only. (Tomato & Leek melty puff, Strawberry & Banana melty puff, Carrot + Parsnip melty puff)

18. 7 Months (Save 50p on Marvellous meals): To the grown ups: This coupon can be used to redeem 50p off any Ella’s Kitchen 7 months+ Marvellous meal product only. (Chilli Con Carne, Beef stew, Chicken + Veg, Bangers + mash, Veggie Lasagne, Cheesy pie, Cottage pie, Mexican chicken with rice, Chicken roast dinner, Lamb roast dinner, Veggie risotto, Chicken + noodles, Fish pie, Moroccan chicken + chickpeas, Jamaican curried pork with rice, Veggie Moussaka, Spag bol, Vegetable + lentil bake, Lamb cous cous, Pork roast dinner, Veggie bean feast, Tomato-y pasta, Chicken + rice casserole, Mushroom stroganoff, Veggie biryani)

19. 10 Months (Save 50p on all finger food): To the grown ups: This coupon can be used to redeem 50p off any Ella’s Kitchen Finger food only. (Tomato + Leek melty puff, Strawberry & Banana melty puff, Carrot +Parsnip melty puff, Sweetcorn + carrot melty sticks, Cheese + apple melty sticks, Peach + banana melty sticks, Tomato + basil melty sticks, Mango + banana rice cakes, Carrot + sweet potato rice cakes, Cheese + tomato melty hoops, Vanilla + banana melty hoops, Peas + sweetcorn puff pops, Raspberry + mango puff pops, Strawberry + banana mini puffs, Carrot + parsnip mini puffs, Cheese + tomato mini puffs, Vanilla + banana baby biscuits, Apple + ginger baby biscuits. Mixed herbs munchy fingers, Sweetcorn + Paprika Munchy fingers)

20. 12 Months (Save £1 on Big Kids frozen range): To the grown ups: This coupon can be used to redeem 50p off any Ella’s Kitchen frozen Big kid’s product only. (Peasy mac + cheesy, Cauliflower cheese croquettes, Starry chicken nuggets and Cod fishies, Cheesy Tomato-y pizza)

To the retailer

21. Ella’s Kitchen will redeem this coupon at its face value provided ONLY that it has been taken in full payment for any Ella’s kitchen Finger food product. For full T&C’s and details of any new products that may now be included in this voucher please visit our website. Only one coupon can be accepted per product sold. Ella’s Kitchen reserves the right to refuse redemption of coupons if we have reasons to believe they have been accepted other than in accordance with the terms with the terms of this offer. Please submit your coupon to: Valassis Ltd, PO Box 6199, Nuneaton, CV11 9H, within 3 months of the valid date.