Social media T+Cs


At Ella’s Kitchen we love to chat with our friends about food, fun + how to help your little one on their tiny taste bud adventure. We also like to tell everyone about the exciting new food we have hitting the shelves + share things that make us smile.

We love for mums + dads to share comments, photos, videos + links on our page too but we ask that you think about other people’s experience so all our friends enjoy visiting our page.

We’ve come up with a few, simple rules to help make sure everyone keeps smiling!
If we believe people are posting naughty content that breaks the rules, we may remove it from our page.

House rules:

  • Be respectful to other parents + carers
  • Please don’t post spam
  • Please don’t post anything that might offend other people
  • At Ella’s we believe the glass is always half full, please don’t create a negative experience
  • Fun conversation + big smiles are great, insults + fighting are not

If you’re not quite happy with something on our page, please let us know + get in touch with our Customer Care team who always love to chat.