Encourage your little one to smell food (like herbs + spices) before eating it to get the full flavour experience. mmmmm!

Our research has shown us that little ones who experience veggies and fruit using all their senses are more likely to eat + try those foods when mealtimes come around. Remember, the more times your baby tries a new food, the more likely they are to learn to accept it and grow-up to become good little eaters… so keep trying!

We’ve come up with lots of ideas, tips + sensorial games that you can try together. Let’s play!

Did you know it can take up to 8 times for your little one to learn to love a new taste? Their sense of smell is closely linked to their sense of taste so this easy peasy tip will reeeally help to engage your little one's sense of smell! Encourage them to smell all the amaaazing cooking smells in the kitchen, from sniffing ingredients to smelling their spoon-full before they taste. Mmmmm...

NOTE to mums + dads: You know how excited little ones can get, so be careful with any hot food around them

Smelly socks fun activity!

Herbs are a great way to stimulate little one's senses! Play this easy peasy game of smelly socks with dried herbs to help you engage their sense of smell. Put a teaspoon of dried mint, basil, oregano and mixed herbs in a baby sock. Remember one herb per sock! Then let your little ones have a good sniff.

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Claire Baseley

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