Action for Children and Ella's Kitchen Partnership

- 16th May 2023 -

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We’re proud to be partnering with Action for Children to help support vulnerable children and their families across the UK. Together, we want to give every little one the opportunity for the best start in life. To grow up happy, healthy and never hungry, with the foundations they need to thrive.

At Ella’s, we believe every little one deserves a safe, happy and healthy childhood. But 4.2 million children in the UK are now living in poverty. And the financial pressures on families is overwhelming.

With 447 services in all four nations of the UK, Action for Children sees the reality of the deepening cost-of-living crisis every single day. Families are struggling to afford the essentials - food to eat, clothes to wear, beds to sleep in and toys to play with. But together, we can help change this.

That’s why we’re proud to be partnering with Action for Children, supporting the vital work they do to help change the lives of vulnerable children and their families across the UK.

Action for Children provides protection + support

Action for Children provides down-to-earth advice and support to families in lots of different ways. Whether it's parenting support, support with a disability, help with mental health, or access to expert advice, support can be found on their online parenting advice hub, Parent Talk, or at your local Action for Children service.

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How our partnership is helping little ones and their families

We know the early years are a vital period for little ones’ development and it’s essential that their families are supported to help give them the best start in life.

Through our partnership with Action for Children - one of the largest providers of nurseries, children's centres, family hubs and early years support in the UK - we’re supporting their work through funding + donations, to help raise awareness of the amazing work they do. We'll collaborate with our experts to offer nutrition + weaning advice to families across Action for Children early years family centres, and use our voice through lobbying + campaigning to help drive positive change for little people.

Last year, Action for Children supported over 671,000 children, young people and parents in schools, communities and online. Through our partnership, we hope we can change the lives of even more vulnerable little ones and their families across the UK for years to come.

How you can help

Action for Children is a vital lifeline for children, young people and families across the UK facing poverty, hardship and the challenges of day-to-day life. You can make a real difference.

Your donation could help them eat regular, nutritious meals and give families the advice and support they need.

As little as £3/month could buy items for an emergency food package for a family in crisis. And up to £20/month could give a little one a healthy breakfast every day.

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