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Finger food

Get your little elves excited for Santa's big arrival with a festive foodie fun activity.

Get ready for the festive season with our yummy strawberry Santa hats. They’re super-duper easy to make with your little one.

  • Serves

  • Prep

  • Cook

    • Vegetarian
    • Soya free
    • Nut free
    • Gluten free
    • Egg free


    • Strawberries
    • Thick yoghurt of your choice
    • Dessicated coconut


    1. Chop off the stalk end of the strawberry
    2. Dip the chopped end of the strawberry into the yoghurt
    3. Then dip the yoghurt-end of the strawberry into a bowl of desiccated coconut
    4. Add a splodge of yoghurt to the tip of the strawberry
    5. Sprinkle dessicated coconut over the tip of the strawberry
    Fun for little ones

    Fun For Little Ones

    Little ones will love dipping strawberries into the yoghurt + desiccated coconut.

    Swap this for that

    Swap this for that

    For dairy-free, go for a scrummy soya or coconut yoghurt!

    Recipe tip bright ideas

    Handy Tips

    When you're ready to eat, make sure you chop the strawberries into quarters.

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