Advocacy FAQS


Why does Ella’s get involved in advocacy work?

As a B-Corp, we believe that businesses shouldn’t opt out of the big issues that make life harder for our future generations.

Everyone - whether business, politician, charity, or campaigner – has a collective responsibility to work together and solve the challenges that little ones face. From working to end child poverty + food insecurity, improving childhood nutrition, to tackling the climate crisis – we ALL need to put little futures first.

This means that sometimes, Ella’s Kitchen will use our voice as the number one baby and kids’ food brand to support causes that matter to us, our customers, and the country. Our commitment is to do this responsibly, and in a way that can create long-lasting, meaningful change that helps every little one to grow up happy, health + never hungry.

That’s why we created our Advocacy Promise – a set of rules that we will always follow when advocating for change. These rules promise to advocate for good, not for profit; be evidence led; be open and honest about what we’re calling for; to lead by example; and to stay non-political. In following these rules, we want people to feel confident that we’re only ever calling for things that we truly believe will make a positive difference to the lives of little ones.

Find out more about our Advocacy Promise, why we advocate, and our advocacy work.