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Ella's Packaging

can I recycle Ella's Kitchen packaging?

The Green One recyclable pouch:

In May 2023 we launched our first fully recyclable pouch: The Green One. Made from mono-material (which is a fancy way of saying it's made of just one material) this new pouch can be popped straight into your recycling bin at home, just remember to keep the cap on!

Pouches + snack wrappers:

Whilst the Green One is the first of our pouches that can be recycled at kerbside, the rest of our pouches + snacks wrappers are not currently accepted for recycling by local councils in the UK but can now be taken to participating supermarket drop off points. To find your nearest store through the Recycle Now website, click here.

We're on the journey to move our entire pasteurised range (that's all our fruit and fruit + veggie combo pouches) to recyclable packaging over the course of 2023-2024. Meaning that by the end of 2024, nearly 75% of all our pouches will now be fully recyclable at kerbside in the UK, which will be a huge milestone! We know how important it is to do our bit to protect the planet for future generations. That's why we're committed to moving to fully recyclable packaging as quickly as possible and are working really hard to find recyclable solutions for the rest of our range.

Card, Pots + Trays:

All our card as well as our plastic pots + trays are fully recyclable and widely collected at kerbside by local councils across the UK.

To find out more about how we are working to improve the sustainability of our packaging, click here.

Ella's Packaging

what is Ella’s Kitchen packaging made from?

Our current pouches are made from layers of food-safe plastic sandwiched together and most of them have a layer of aluminium too. The aluminium never comes into direct contact with the food but helps to keep the yummy food inside really tasty and safe for tiny tummies.

Our new monomaterial pouches are technically easier to recycle than the combination of plastic and / or aluminium in our current pouches, and the new pouch has been shown to successfully go through the existing UK recycling system – collected, sorted and recycled. Also because they are a single material and don’t contain aluminium studies show they have a smaller carbon footprint then our existing pouches.

All the cardboard packaging used for our boxes is 100% recyclable and is made from a mix of FSC-certified and recycled sources. We use vegetable inks and water-based coatings to print the boxes and our printing plates are also all chemical free

Ella's Packaging

Why keep cap on?

The recyclable pouches developed will carry the OPRL logo 'cap on' recycling message- as to be succesfully sorted + detected for recycling they need the 'cap on' as the cap provides thre weight needed for it to be detected and seperated into the re;evant recylign streams