Say hello to our veg of the month this January, the curly whirly kale!

Kale is packed full of lots of nutrients and is a family member to veggie faves like broccoli, cabbage and festive sprouts.

Sometimes little ones aren’t too keen on this leafy green veg, as babies often turn their noses up at bitter vegetables, preferring sweeter tastes.

But introduced from the start of weaning, at around 6 months, small amounts of kale can form part of a healthy weaning diet helping to broaden your baby's palate to accept more savoury tastes. Remember, it can take around 8 tries of a new food before babies will accept it – so don’t worry if they don’t seem to like it on the first try!

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How to prepare kale for your baby

If kale puree is a bit too much at the start, try mixing with smooth mashed potato and slowly increase the amount of kale to potato as your little one learns to accept it.

Roasted kale

If your baby is eating a range of yummy finger foods, you can also offer roasted kale. Just drizzle with a little olive oil and maybe some 5 spice and roast for 5 minutes until crispy. Perfect for keeping little hands busy!

Roasted kale is suitable from around 10 months or when you think your baby is ready.

Veggie goodness

Kale provides a plant-based source of calcium and vitamin K which can help build little bones and, as well as being a source of beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A, which can help with little ones’ vision and immune systems.

So, get those leafy greens going to add some nutritious punch to your weaning recipes!

Kale sensory play

Kale leaves are curly and crinkly and a deep, dark green colour. Engage the senses by giving your little one some raw kale leaves to scrunch in their hands. You could even pretend they are big, green elephant ears! Who can make the loudest trumpeting sound?

If you roast the kale, show your baby how different it feels from raw kale, once it has cooled. All crispy and crunchy. Listen to the crrrunch when you pop a roasted kale leaf in your mouth!

Crrracking kale recipe

Boiled and roasted, kale can be super tasty but it’s also delicious in stir fries and stews.

There are lots of ways to include this nutritious veggie in cooking. Why not try our deeelicious Chinese seaweed kale recipe!

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