Say hello to our veg of the month this December, the jolly sprout!

These mini cabbages pack a scrummy nutritional punch and are definitely not just for Christmas.

Do babies like brussels sprouts?

Lots of little (…and not so little people) turn their noses up at the slightly bitter taste of sprouts, pushing them to the side of the plate on Christmas Day.

Babies are born with a natural dislike of bitter flavours but weaning is a great time to get them used to a wide variety of tastes, especially these more savoury veggie ones. Did you know that the more times babies try a new taste, the more likely they are to accept it. So don’t worry and keep trying!

Take a peek for more tips on how to grow your own Little Veg Lover.

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How to prep tasty sprouts for babies!

You can start to offer sprouts to little ones from 6 months onwards.

  • Try making a smooth puree of sprouts mixed with potato for a first taste as it can soften the bitter taste. Try our easy-peasy brussels sprouts puree recipe!
  • Slowly add more sprouts than potatoes so your baby can get used to the flavour gradually. Mmmm!
  • Or you can also offer well-cooked sprouts, cut into quarters lengthways, as finger foods from around age 10m.

Remember, it can take 10 experiences of a new food before it is accepted so keep trying! Little ones love to copy you, so try to eat your veggies up in front of them, showing them how yummy they are.

Sprout-y goodness

Are sprouts good for my baby?

Did you know…sprouts are high in vitamin C, having almost as much as an orange, weight for weight (wow!)They are also super sources of a B vitamin called folate.

Both of these nutrients can help support your little one’s immune system.

Sensory play with sprouts

Sensory play can help little people learn about + become reeeally familiar with different textures, shapes, colours, sounds, tastes and smells in a calm, happy + fun environment. Why not have some fun with brussels sprouts and a game of bowling!

Time for bowling!

  • Sprouts are the perfect size to fit into little hands and make great bowling balls. Let them feel the hard round texture, bumpy flakey leaves and see the vibrant green colour!
  • Set up some mushrooms or chunky carrot sticks as skittles
  • Let your little one roll the sprouty bowling ball towards them to knock over as many as they can!

When you’re at the supermarket this festive season, show your little one how sprouts grow on a thick stem, just like a veggie Christmas tree!

Check out our sensory play activities to keep little hands busy this Christmas!

Yummy sprout recipes to try

Boiled sprouts are great but there are lots of ways to make them way more tasty for tiny tastebuds to enjoy!

After lightly steaming, try pan frying or roasting them in olive oil so they develop a lovely caramelised flavour, deeelicious with chestnuts and herbs like rosemary and thyme.

Let’s get cooking with:

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