Foodie fun

A super easy foodie fun recipe using Ella's Kitchen Bolognese Bake!

This recipe is perfect for hungry little lions and pawsome fun for all the family too!

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  • Prep

  • Cook

    • Vegetarian
    • Soya free
    • Nut free
    • Gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • Egg free


    • 1 x Ella's Kitchen Bolognese Bake pouch
    • 1 x wholemeal wrap
    • 1 x olive
    • 1 x slice of red pepper
    • 1 x slice of cucumber


    1. Lightly toast wrap under a medium grill. Use a pastry cutter, cut out one large circle for the face and a smaller circle for the ears which are then halved. Score the wrap with a sharp knife so that it’s easy to tear.
    2. Slice olive into 4 lengthways.
    3. Heat Bolognese Bake pouch as per instructions on pack.
    4. Slice pepper thinly for the mouth
    5. Assemble face
    Fun for little ones

    Fun For Little Ones

    Little ones can explore the whole pepper or cucumber with all their senses before it gets sliced up – show them how different the veg look inside when you cut them up. Chop chop chop!

    Recipe tip bright ideas

    Try me with

    Delicious with a little grated cheese

    Fun for little ones

    Sensory tips

    Older little ones can help arrange the face. Careful with the hot Spag Bol and make sure it’s cool enough to not burn little fingers. Smell when it's toasty and just out of the oven (be careful, it may be hot!)

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