from 6 months, little ones are learning to grab foods and pop them into their mouth, developing hand-eye coordination.

Finger foods must be super-soft and mush down easily to start, so they melt in your baby's mouth. They should also be long enough to peep out of a little fist and chunky enough to munch on safely.

Finger foods to try plate

Foods to try:

  • Cooked veggie sticks like carrot + parsnip (well-cooked, super soft and cut to the size + shape of an adult index finger)
  • Cooked broccoli trees or cauli florets (halved or quartered lengthways)
  • Banana or mango fingers

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A fun + tasty finger food made for playing + learning, with less mess. Melty Puffs are just the right size + shape to help little ones from 6 months learn to pick up food on their own and they're super melty to disappear in little mouths.

Strawberry and banana melty puffs

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Fun activities to try:

  1. If your little one wants to get hands on with their food (or yours!), encourage them to pass things from one hand to the other by showing them how.
  2. A fun + simple game encouraging your little one to pick up + put down their food
  3. Shake maracas or an empty bottle with rice as a shaker and encourage your little one to pretend to shake their Melty Puff maraccas too!
  4. Pretend to sing into the Melty Puff microphone
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