baby finger foods!

Say hello to our range of organic fun + tasty finger foods! Just the right shapes + textures for little ones to play + learn from 6 months, with less mess!

Baby finger foods
Baby finger foods

scrummy ways to play + learn

Little ones learn by playing with the world around them - and that goes for mealtimes too!

Research shows that the more little ones enjoy their food + have fun at mealtimes, the more likely they are to grow up having a healthy relationship with food. Giving your little one the chance to engage the senses + explore for themselves on their weaning adventure helps develop a lifelong curiosity for yummy tastes! Finger foods are a brilliant way to practice hand-eye coordination, learn how to feed themselves and have fun at the same time.

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finger foods for every stage

Explore top tips, yummy finger food + fun activities for every stage of your little one's weaning journey.

Finger foods fist

from 6 months

How to introduce finger foods + learn to pick-up food on their own!

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Finger Food Icon Munchy Fingers

from 7 months

Introducing new textures + learning how to get different shaped foods into tiny mouths

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Finger Food Icon Munchy Fingers

from 9 months

Exploring tasty new + trickier shaped finger foods

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Finger Food Icon Hoop

from 10 months

Master the pincer grip with smaller shapes + scrummy foods

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