Chick-chick chicken fingers, Taaasty tortilla triangles + Poppin' pea pasta, we've got lots of yummy lunch recipes to fill your little kids tums! Why not give some of our super tasty + quick recipes a go when you're next planning lunch.

Using simple tasty store cupboard ingredients and all cooked in under 30 minutes, there's sure to be something perfect for everyone.

Your toddler is going to LOVE these tasty lunch ideas designed by our expert recipe developer to ensure they're just right for little tums and always made with real whole foods, what's not to love!

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Toasty Tortilla Triangles

Thinking up lunch ideas for your toddler? Our Toasty Tortilla Triangles are sure to be a big hit! These perfectly packed veggie parcels are full of spiced chickpeas, cheese and veggies to make them taste just right.

Served with red pepper + carrot sticks, this yummy lunch can be served from kitchen to highchair in just 20 mins.

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Hey Pesto Pasta with Broccoli

Hey Pesto! Our pesto pasta is packed full of deeelicious veggies, and is just right to fuel your toddler on a busy day of adventures!

In the time it takes for your pasta to cook to perfection, you can whip up this fresh green pesto packed full of bumpy broccoli + basil in just 10 minutes. Why not serve with some yummy red pepper sticks on the side to fill up little tummies.

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Poppin' Pea Pasta

Our Poppin' Pea Pasta is sure to be a big hit for all of the family!

Packed full of simple store cupboard ingredients like pasta + frozen peas, this easy, peasy, speedy lunch is super tasty and you only need one pan-Yippea!

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Super-Duper Salmon Couscous

Our Super Duper Salmon Couscous is the perfect lunchtime favourite to fill hungry tummies for all the family! Packed full of flaky salmon, fluffy cous cous, avocado + other tasty veggies, this is the perfect treat for lunchtime.

Make sure to pop any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge to save for later!

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Chick-Chick-Chicken Fingers + Dunky Dip

Our Chick-chick-chicken fingers make the perfect finger food for dunking into the tasty, easy to make creamy corn dip. Served for lunch or using the chicken fingers as a tasty snack, this dish is perfect for all occasions.

We like to serve these tasty fingers with roasted potato wedges and broccoli for extra dunking fun! You can also store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Packed full of tasty veggies + spices, we hope you enjoy these lunchtime dishes as much as we do!

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