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A turt-ally awesome foodie fun activity to keep little hands busy. make these tasty green turtles out of fruit with your little one.

A yummy + healthy kiwi fruit recipe that will go down a treat.

Recipe from our The Easy Family Cookbook

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    • Vegetarian
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    • 1 x kiwi fruit, skinned + halved
    • 4 x green grapes
    • 4 x tiny seeds (such as nigella seeds)


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    1. Slice the rounded ends off the two halves of kiwi fruit, just so that each half stands up on a plate, halved side upwards.
    2. Position a whole grape at one end of one kiwi half to make the turtle’s head. Repeat with another grape for the other kiwi half. (Note that whole grapes can pose a choking hazard for very little ones.)
    3. Cut the remaining grapes lengthways into quarters + position the quarters to create four little legs around each kiwi half.
    4. Finally, push two seeds into each grape ‘head’ to give the turtles eyes.
    Fun for little ones

    Fun For Little Ones

    Little ones will love exploring the furry kiwi skin with their hands + then finding the juicy green insides! It's a sensory adventure!

    Recipe tip bright ideas

    Handy Tips

    Whole grapes should be quartered before your little one eats them! Kiwi is best cut into fingers.

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